I am not very good at giving comment, but I can guarantee you that this series can give you satisfaction. If you are already a medical doctor, you don't want to miss this! By the way the series is only ten episode and it should not take you long to watch them all (unless you are streaming online of cause).

This is the third season, and it is worthy to make them as your collections. I am recommending you to watch the series from the very first season. You should too will be very impressed with the way this story developed. Every and each of the character seem perfectly match with their roll (in my opinion).

After I watch them:
1. I also want to become a surgeon
2. It is not hard to become a doctor (yehe!)
3. I can not wait for the next season (if there is the next season)
4. I just realized, I ran out of tissue (ops!)
5. hmmm...
6. (let you fill this out will you!)

Well my real intention to post this is actually to publish this:

I make a new picture profile for my blog, facebook and twitter!

So what is your comment (not about my new profile picture lor) about the series?

Kritikanmu, Pujian untukku!

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  1. arlyna says:

    waaaaa....dah 2thun tnggu TMD 3 kuar! akhirnya~ TMD 1 n @ pun asyik tgk ulang2 tau.thnx 4 d info..

  2. heheh! So go and get it now...

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