I've been neglecting this blog since ummmm last post I guess. Am I right?

So I decided to pay a visit and share something here.Well nothing much to tell you about, but I'm pretty sure everything is clearly told in the picture above.

If you receive just once it's still considered okay, but how about multiple of times? The matter is not just that. I've received this kind of message (until today) for about five times, from five different phone number.

Replying the message isn't making my feeling to get alright. It seem that the message was broadcasted using a sms-bulk-system. So there is no point of replying them.

Instead, I reply every and each of the message by asking when will the parliament dissolved. Haha...

Can I lodge a report about this annoying message?
How should I describe it in my report?
Have you encounter the same situation?

Kritikanmu, Pujian untukku!

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  1. tak perlu layan orang gila. peace. :-)


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