About a few month a go, I saw this car when I was at the ATM withdrawal some money. Took a snap of it with my cute little hand phone (which gone missing the next day) and try to search for it over the internet.

What made me attracted to this car is it size. Small like a Kancil but the car is cuter (I think this car is smaller than Kancil too). I just want to own a cute car like this.

Then a few days back, I've dreamt driving the cars myself.The feeling is so real. So real it woke me up.

I even argue myself  'what if  JPJ caught me driving without license?'.

Sweet dream should never ended. So, I went back to sleep in order to continue dreaming about it.

But you know, a sweet dream is very unique and will never come again when you woke up.

Oh! my sweet dream. -.-

  1. If you ever wonder, what car is it Google this up for the images: Smart Car for Two from Mercedes Benz. Super cute right?
  2. I definitely want to add this into my wishing list.
  3. Smart Car for (Me) Too! So cool.
  4. It starts with a dream...

Kritikanmu, Pujian untukku!

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