Just put it all in the sinks. I'll do it later. but wait, 'WILL U?'
I  want to keep this up; clean or wash the dishes after cooking/ having a meals.

I always taught it like this:
If I clean it up now, I can use it later right away. No hassle up and I'm not wasting my time. So the roaches or mickey will also probably let my life be at peace.
Living alone should have no problem with this kind of attitude, but what if you have housemates?

My family taught me to wash my dishes after having the meal. Even leftover should be thrown right away as chicken or cat food.

Be wise and you can make a different.


  1. Arghhhh!!! (What happen?)
  2. This doodle was drawn by using a mouse and Adobe Illustrator. Even though it's still not to what I desired, but I'm getting there.
  3. Oh! ya, some call this as the house rules. In my family only my father will not do this. Well, he is the 'rules'.
  4. What yours?

Kritikanmu, Pujian untukku!

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