"OSM! SubhanaAllah!"

That is how impress I am after watching the whole video. An optical illusions made of a real things not a pictures. He manage to make 3D illusions instead of 2D.

Tell me how impress you are?

Here are the video compilation of ISC G5. Thank you for all of your support and prays!

Credit to Hasmadi Hasbi and Fadlan Yusof for this osm video!

I am always excited to be involved in such programme. Especially when meeting new friends from far and close one. There are all fresh and young. Hoping a better future with the seed of Islam's generation.

"Remaja hari ini, Pemimpin hari esok!"

Here  are comment on what happened in the entire camping. A participant (an avid blogger) who come from a distance place (not to distance actually) just to feel the uniqueness and excitement of ukkhuwah, knowledge and Islam itself to seek for Allah bless; Nurudhin Sabali.

If you have your own comment on the ISC G5, share it with me. I love to read them! Give me the link in the comment thread.

One important lesson I learn from this camping is:

"Dakwah itu Cinta!"

Hoping to join again next year, InsyaAllah!

Click on the image to get a bigger view
  1. Alhamdulillah! ISC G5 have successfully ended!
  2. The year 2011 is almost come to an end. Lets get ready for the coming new year.
  3. More interesting videos coming up next.
  4. I am going to upload more picture letter on, InsyaAllah...
  5. Thanks for visiting! C=
Kritikanmu, Pujian untukku!

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