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Ketika rakyat Malaysia sedang sibuk beratur panjang berjam-jam untuk membayar saman ekor beberapa hari lepas (sebelum 28 Feb 2011), satu jenayah penculikan yang terbesar telah berlaku di Johor yang melibatkan warga Singapura dengan bayaran wang tebusan sebanyak RM 20.7 Juta.

Sudah pasti rakyat Singapura serta pelancong asing semakin takut untuk datang ke Malaysia dengan jenayah yang semakin menjadi-jadi sekarang ini. Rakyat Malaysia pula terpaksa membayar saman ekor tetapi kadar kemalangan jalanraya tidak pula berkurangan saban tahun.

Saturday February 26, 2011
Trader pays RM20.7mil ransom to kidnappers

JOHOR BARU: A businessman from Singapore was forced to pay a staggering S$9mil (RM20.7mil) to secure the release of his family in what has been described as the country’s largest ransom payment in recent years.

The nightmare began when the businessman’s wife, their maid and daughter were driving home. They were forced off the road by another vehicl e in Permas Jaya recently. Subsequently, the kidnappers took over the wheel and drove off with the three of them to an undisclosed location.

Bukit Aman sources said that the kidnappers sent an MMS of the three victims being held at gunpoint to the businessman before demanding a ransom of S$50mil (RM115mil).

The kidnappers warned the million aire, who has businesses in real-estate and gaming, not to alert the police and to pay up if he wanted his family back.

It is learnt that after negotiations, the kidnappers agreed to a ranso m of S$9mil and demanded that the money be prepared in large denominations of Singapore dollars.

Apparently, the businessman was then instructed to drive to a plantation in Kulaijaya to drop off the money.

Sources said that the victims were only released at least two days after the ransom was paid. It is learnt that they were blindfolded and gagged during the ordeal which lasted several days.

The three victims, who were all unharmed, were eventually dropped off around Danga Bay. Police have launched a manhunt for the kidnappers who are believed to be professionals.

The authorities are also checking whether the group could have been involved in other kidnappings in the country.

Interpol has been roped in to help with the investigations as police believe that the suspects could have fled the country. Bukit Aman has formed a special taskforce to investigate the case.
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