After a long day of work, I finally have a rest.. There a few works that I need to finished up in the office but for some reason I think 'i will let the works stay in the office'. Last night, I have some fun joking with my friend in the Facebook.

I don't know whether he is actually an animal lover or he is actually having fun by doing so. He use an animal picture as his Facebook's photo profile. Most people will upload their memorable pictures and compile them as photo album in the Facebook, but he is a little different, his pictures album most of them are animal pictures!

There are a person who actually asked him why did he choose a pictures of a frog instead of using his own pictures. I think he is creative, out of million peoples, perhaps he is the only one who do that. Then a few hour later, he change his Facebook's photo profile with a smiling ZEBRA! To my surprise he also add more pictures in his photo album with animal pictures too.

Me: is it the ZEBRA hav a wite color wif the blek stripe or it hav black color wif wite stripe?
QZ: both has no stripe..

Me: nex kuescen: the ZEBRA start with wite kaler or blek kaler? starting from it tail?
QZ: it has ponytail...the colour was black, and

Me: nex kuescen: Black stripes on white or white stripes on black?
QZ: it has no stripe, but the 'stripe' was his clothes...its skin is black, and he like whites
Me: nex kuescen: Y lion cannot catch the ZEBRA?
QZ: because lions in africa, zebras in europe, how can they meet each other?

Kritikanmu, Pujian untuku!

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