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I would like to share with you a story. Do you bother to give me a little of your time to read it? This story took place in a small lecture hall here at my university where I was study. My beloved lecturer is giving her lecture while some of her student’s mind flew to another dimension.

The class was in the morning, some of us came late and a few came really late. She seems to be not in a good mood when she starts the class. I can hear a sound of unease from her words.

It happens all the time when you took others false as yours. It not happens all the times though, but it like forever. This is an assignment. I should give the reason why. Why what?

“Anybody has a blog?” she asked her student suddenly. Stand up upon about eighty students of different races, cultures and background. The class silent, no one seems to be interested to answer her question.

“Or, anyone know what is a blog?” she asked again to her fellow students hoping to get an answer. I saw through her eyes that she expecting at least any of her students to give a response.

I look at my right side then my left, nobody answering. The class look like against her wish.

“Come on, we are computer science students. What kind of question is this?” I heard one of my coarse mates questioning her lecturer at the back. He makes me laugh.

“So, nobody has a blog?” She guesses.

“This will be fun.” She voices it out unintentionally. I feel unease about this.

“I will turn it as assignment then!” She shouts it loudly through the microphone.

“Assignment?!?” as expected, it tortured mo out. It irritated all of us.

The class atmosphere suddenly changed. Her students make loud noises, sound like a protest out of her actions. I patted my foreheads. My friends who sit next to me shook his head. The girls sit in front of me start to jot it down.

“Oh my! She sure knows how to get out of what she wants from all of us. What a treat!” I comment her out, more to flatter her.

“Now, what should be your first post of your blog?” She asked again while she palmed her left elbow and pointed her finger on her mouth. Thinking.

“I want your URL next week in the class.” She continued and seems to be happy about her decisions. The class sound lively opposing her idea.

I jotted this down onto my note books:

 1. I already have five blog of blogspot by google. (and I don’t want to create another one)
 2. It is my false to not give a response to her questions.
 3. Probably my answers to her question would be:
    a. Nobody was admitted that they had a blog
    b. Nobody pay any attention to her lecture
    c. No want who take her class has a blog.
    d. She was mad at us.
    e. I wasn’t listening to her lecture, so I don’t pay any attention to her (I prefer this one)

Honestly, I don’t like this kind of assignment, but somehow I found myself enjoy doing it. So if she wants to know my answer about her question ‘Why I was force to create my own blog' it would be like this:

“I was not paying any attention to her lecture, so when she asked in her lectures, I cannot gives any response. My bad, my false. I am sorry.”

I owe my lecturer an apology. Hope she will give it to me. Turn anything you don’t like to something you fun doing it. I turn this assignment into ‘story telling’ to make it fun.

If it is not, again, I am sorry. Until then, thank you for reading.

Have a good browsing. The end.

Kritikanmu, Pujian untuku!

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  1. CikSengal says:

    panjangnya cerita.. :p

    keep on writing!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    5 blog?
    c.m.h pun dah lupa berapa bnyk blog yg lepas, semua terabai sebab tak ingat password.
    hueheheee macam2 daa.. ^_^*

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